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By Sandeep Parmar, Nisha Ramayya and Bhanu Kapil.

Published by clinic in July 2018. Designed by Theo Inglis.

ISBN: 978-0-9933182-9-0

68pp. 158 x 186mm. Third edition.

‘The rootedness that one carries
and gifts to another…’

This creative-critical pamphlet is a shared experiment, combining poetry, personal correspondence, the lyric essay and scholarly research, and is co-written by three vital voices in experimental poetry. The pamphlet began life as an essay by Sandeep Parmar, 'Lyric Violence, the Nomadic Subject and the Fourth Space', written partly in dialogue with Bhanu Kapil, exploring the lyric self 'as a way towards', a 'fluid, fluxive' alternative for the racialised subject from the entrenched – and predominantly white – conventions of lyric poetry. Parmar offers 'new coordinates of being' in writing, which are then picked up and rewoven by Nisha Ramayya as she proposes a Tantric poetics, and Bhanu Kapil closes the sequences with an original prose sonnet considering textiles, diasporic time, race and creative writing.

All profits of this publication will be donated to the Manuel Bravo Project, Leeds, a charity providing legal assistance to asylum seekers. Donate to the project here. 

Printed by Palace Printers, Cornwall.